Start-ups can sometimes find it difficult when developing packaging for their very first product. Faced with many factors such as budget, time and promotional value, start-ups must be deliberate when launching their product into the market.

It can be hard to work out the best way of capturing the attention of your assumed target audience. It can be excruciating at first. Marketing a product is one thing, but you’re getting set up to fail if you don’t look at your packaging in detail before the launch. 

The suitable packaging for your product is crucial for establishing your product and brand and overall success in the wild. Packaging can make all the difference, especially when looking to give your brand an exclusive image and personality. 

In over 17 years, we’ve provided packaging for various start-up businesses, so we know a thing or two about what you should and shouldn’t do when launching a product for the first time.

Here are our top tips for getting off to a flying start with Law Print.

Create beautifully colourful packaging to stand out from the crowd both online and on-shelf

The great thing about rotogravure printing is that we can print up to 10 colours. These colours can be as bright and playful as you like – anything goes!

While most small to medium-sized businesses often see packaging as a cost, they should cut down on it. However, they may be overlooking its potential to help boost product sales. 

In a competitive business field such as the pet food industry, accurate and visually appealing packaging could give you a considerable edge over your competitors. For example, our client Symply recently rebranded. They chose new brightly coloured packaging, which brought them great positive feedback from retailers and customers alike.

Business owners invest considerable time and resources in their products to outdo their rivals and satisfy their customers. As good or effective as the actual product is, if the product does not capture the eyes of its intended customer base, the merchandise won’t get off the shelves.

We use Pantone colours to get the most out of the printing process. You can read more about why we use Pantone here.

Splash the cash, but choose quality over quantity

While you may want to select the most visually appealing packaging for your products, you need to consider the costs involved in the process, especially as a new business. 

We offer an attractive minimum order quantity depending on the size, shape and requirements of your packaging. But don’t be put off – bulk options allow you to spend less money since these save die-cutting processes and printing inks and reduce waste, too.

Buying in bulk can also help you to choose the best quality overall. Packaging can be expensive, but there’s no competition in terms of quality when it comes to flexible packaging.

Plastics get bad press, but the quality you get from plastic is next to none. Beautiful gloss or matt bags scream luxury, and with extra options like matt varnish or metallic accents, you can create something eye-catching and stunning to wow your customers with. 

Plus, plastic is fantastic for businesses that are selling food items or items that need extra protection. It provides increased strength and helps prolong the shelf life of a product.

As well as this, recyclable plastic is a valid option for a small business. There are so many pros to using sustainable packaging, especially as a start-up. For more on this, please read our blog Sustainable Packaging vs Conventional Packaging: How To Decide.

Create generic packaging and combine it with labels

Start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses need to consider different aspects to keep your costs under control. 

Ordering larger quantities of generic pouches or bags is one of the best ways to save on costs.

For example, being a new brand, Claude & Clarence opted to pack their dog and cat food in non-specific printed bags, which they would then label with each flavour variant, giving them more flexibility in terms of MOQ’s. 

This meant they could order many bags to place in their inventory, therefore saving time and costs, which are both valuable for start-ups. 

Don’t go for just any packaging you find; speak to us, and we can provide advice on which will work best.

With many options available, you need to find the most appropriate pouch or bag to ensure structured shipping costs and secure packaging that offers superior protection to your products. 

If you’re an online business and need to ship your products to your customers, you must check that your packaging is sturdy enough to ensure it won’t split apart during shipment. 

Not only that, sometimes they need to be fully functional and provide extra features such as zippers and tear notches, so your customers stay happy. 

Not all features are relevant for certain products, so by talking to us about your product and what your audience wants, we can ensure you’re not adding unnecessary costs to your business. 

Packaging for start-ups can be difficult, but having Law Print by your side will make it easier!

We are a leading expert in the supply and management of packaging throughout the world. So wherever you are on your product journey, we will be able to help you lower costs, risks and, most importantly, improve results.

We work with a global network of high-quality accredited manufacturers and suppliers based in the United Kingdom. This enables us to deliver solutions to clients across many industries.

We believe that packaging is one of the most critical aspects of your brand. Without strategic packaging management from the design board to the shop floor, time and costs can quickly spiral out of control. Our dedicated team of specialists span the entire packaging supply chain from design and print to quality assurance and international logistics.

Above all, working with Law Print provides peace of mind that packaging sourcing, regulation, quality and logistics are taken care of through a single point of contact, allowing businesses to focus on other areas, for instance.

If your brand is looking to invest in quality packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. Providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

Contact us on +44 (0) 161 440 7302 or follow this link to complete our contact form.


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