As a supplier of packaging products to the pet food industry, you might be wondering how we can help your business gain a competitive edge, especially during this time of inflation.

The answer, of course, lies within your packaging. Are you using packaging that could be reduced, thereby decreasing your overall costs, thus transferring those savings to your customer?

We thought so! Read on to find out more about how flexible packaging can bring loyal customers to your doorstep and how to keep them coming back.


But first, let’s dive into the overall numbers. 

According to – U.S. pet food inflation reached 10.9% in July, up from its previous high of 10.3% in June 2022. Similarly, food at home hit 13.1% in July, surpassing its June figure of 12.2%. (All rates represent year-over-year periods and come courtesy of compilation and analysis by John Gibbons at Driven at least partially by the higher pet food prices, inflation for the entire pet category, what Gibbons calls “petflation,” increased to 9.1% in July from 8.8% in June. 

It’s a similar story in the UK. Animal charity Battersea issued a warning to pet households that the cost of owning a dog has risen to £2,000 a year on average. Rising costs have left many pet owners facing the heartbreaking decision of giving up their pets after finding themselves unable to afford to care for them, and one woman has even opened up a food bank just for dogs to help desperate owners. source

If you compare these numbers to pre-covid times, when pet food was actually in a deflationary period, the sector’s inflation has grown 11% since July 2019. That’s below the overall pet industry, at 12.9% since 2019.


So how can packaging help your business?

Whilst it’s not quite as simple as swapping a box for a bag, there are certain avenues we can explore to ensure you’re getting the best value and giving the best value to your customers. 

For example, moving from glass to a bag can reduce weight, thereby reducing the cost of transport. 

But it’s not just the weight that can be reduced. Storage costs can be slashed when flexible packaging is laid flat during shipment. This can be said for on-shelf savings too. Quad-seal bags can be stacked on top of each other when filled. 


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