Using Packaging Mock-ups to Visualise Your Product

So, what is the importance of mock-ups in packaging? Basically, mock-ups allow the testing of the functionality of a product using an interactive prototype to promote an amazing user experience.

There are two types of mock-ups that can be used, first is a physical mock-up which helps you to feel and see what exactly your product will be like, sometimes referred to as hand-made trial bags, and then there are digital mock-ups, which shows you how your product will look without the need of a full print job.

A digital mock-up refers to a picture of packaging that aims to demonstrate the fonts, icons, colour schemes, navigation visuals, images and content layout. A mock-up involves focusing on the overall appearance of packaging with respect to end-user ease of use and functionality.

For the purpose of this blog, we’ll be focusing mainly on digital mock-ups.

In a competitive business field such as the pet food industry, accurate and visually appealing packaging could give you a huge edge over your competitors. For example, our client Symply recently rebranded. They chose new brightly coloured packaging which brought them great positive feedback from both retailers and customers alike.

Business owners invest a considerable amount of time and resources in their products to outdo their rivals and satisfy their customers. As good or effective as the actual product is, if the product does not capture the eyes of its intended customer base, the merchandise won’t get off the shelves.

A good package is an essential marketing tool for any product, so getting your packaging right in the first instance is crucial.

Thankfully at Law Print, we can help you to visualise your packaging via digital mock-ups to help give you a clear idea of what the actual product will look like on its release, so you aren’t bound to your first design for good.

Simply put, a packaging mock-up is a visual representation of the package design to help give business owners a glimpse of what the product will look like when it hits the shops. It is prudent to have a packaging mock-up before settling on a final design and releasing products.

Most businesses struggle with getting the right packaging design for their products and, as such, rummage through many costly iterations before settling on the final design.

The freedom to experiment

It is often very difficult to get the best packaging design right on the first attempt. As such, digital packaging mock-ups give you the leeway to come up with as many experimental designs as you want to without rolling out multiple designs that you later abandon.

Involving some customers loyal to the brand is always a good idea. With packaging mock-ups, customers can give their valuable opinion on various designs and choose which is the most appealing, this always translates to a larger demand for your product.

Companies are always looking for investors to help them meet their objectives and financial goals. Settling on the right final design brings you closer to eager investors.

The power to see your product before it is manufactured

Before rolling out your product, getting a clear picture of what your product looks like is a vital step in the process, so you are sure of your product when unveiling it.

All finished pack formats can be mocked up, from flat bottom bags, quad seal bags to stand up pouches and more. Features and closures can also be added to the design – zippers, euro holes, tear notches, handles, special shapes, rounded corners are all possible.

You can use mock-ups to garner feedback, which is especially useful if you have a number of design ideas or branding ideas. Use mock-ups to see your concepts on the pack to gain real-life insight into its visual impact.

Confectionery Sweet Packaging Law Print Pack

There’s no question, whether a start-up company or an established brand or designer, digital mock-ups of packaging have become a key element of success in retail consumer sales.

Development teams consisting of production, design, marketing and sales are consistently using prototypes to ensure their final packaging is ready to hit the shelf successfully with maximum impact.

Next time you want to put a product on the market, consider product mock-ups first, to get the best design, and boost your overall sales and success of your business.

If your brand is looking to invest in quality packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. Providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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