In light of the current cost of living crisis, we are donating £5,000 to The Wellspring Charity for the Homeless, in Stockport, and another £5,000 to the Stockport Foodbank.

Every year, we choose charities that are close to our hearts to donate £10,000 to. This year we wanted to split the money between two well-deserving charities. 

Food banks have become more and more needed over the last few years. Food is donated by schools, churches, businesses and individuals. The items are non-perishable and in-date, with many people adding an item from a food bank shopping list to their own family shop.

You may have seen volunteers at a supermarket collection near you when shoppers are asked to buy an extra item or two to help local people in crisis. At the food bank, volunteers sort the food to check it is in date and box it up ready to be handed out.

People in need then come along to the banks, usually having been referred there by health workers, doctors or other professionals.

The Wellspring Charity and Stockport Foodbank are two local charities close to our offices, but there are many more food banks across the UK that are in need of donations. So if you are reading this blog, please consider donating to your local food bank.

About the charities:

The Wellspring Charity 

The Wellspring supports the people of Stockport that are homeless or at risk of losing their home. They provide the resources, understanding, and care that they need inside the community that we all share. Their professional staff and dedicated volunteers are there to understand the complex and individual challenges of every service user and help them make positive changes to their lives.

They respond to a combination of issues surrounding housing, physical & mental health, domestic violence, substance misuse, debt, unemployment, illiteracy, and social exclusion.

Stockport Foodbank

Stockport Foodbank is part of The Trussell Trust’s network of 428 foodbanks, working to tackle food poverty and hunger in our local communities, as well as across the UK.

In 2021/22, The Trussell Trust’s Foodbank Network provided 2,173,158 three-day emergency food supplies and support to UK people in crisis. Of these, 832,109 went to children. With the cost of living crisis hitting communities hard this year, more help is needed than ever before.

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We’re incredibly proud to be able to donate this money to each of these amazing charities, which are under a tremendous amount of pressure. We hope our donation can go a little way to helping these charities in what is an unprecedented year for foodbank use, as more of us are turning to them for help.

If you would like more information on these charities or if you would like to donate food or money, please visit:

The Wellspring Charity – 

Stockport Foodbank –

We’d like to thank these charities for their hard work and dedication, especially at this time. 

For more information about our chosen FoodBank, visit the Chelwood Foodbank Plus Website.


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