The world is going greener – and rightly so. So far this year, we’ve been writing about our new range of recyclable plastic packaging solutions: Ready 2 Recycle.

You may have already read about the new BOPP bags or Pouches in our innovative new range, and now it’s time to take a look at our Flat Bottom bags.

Why are they the more sustainable option?

Our new Flat Bottom bags are fully recyclable thanks to their mono material structure. They also use less material than the more traditional quad seal format – adding an extra dimension to their contribution to a sustainable economy.

These Flat Bottom bags are an excellent solution for lighter weight products. Due to the structure of the packaging, space can be efficiently utilised to minimise waste without affecting the amount of product. Meaning you’ll be able to fit more of these bags onto a lorry!

What are they made of?

Flat Bottom bags can be made of either PE/PE or CPP/OPP laminated structures. This provides an outstanding on-shelf presentation and stable base – as well as making it easier for waste management facilities (where the appropriate facilities exist).

Additionally, our new Flat Bottom bags are stable, maintaining a rigid shape even when filled with lighter products. In fact, they’re just as strong as our quad seal bags with the benefit of a flat base.

How do they look on the shelf?

Flat Bottom bags offer a free-standing format with five graphic panels for better branding. Available with a zipper and all the on-shelf advantages of printed cartons, they’ve become the recyclable solution for many businesses.

Flat bottom bags have never looked so good, or been so “green”.

Who will they be suitable for?

These bags are suitable for a wide range of industries such as pet food, sports nutrition, rice and charcoal. Furthermore, they’re the favoured option for lightweight products, including confectionery, tea/coffee, cereals or even flour.

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The whole Ready 2 Recycle range is ahead of the curve in terms of recyclable innovation. You can read more about plastic recycling in our previous Ready 2 Recycle blog here.

If you think our new range could help your business, drop our sales team a line today or speak with your account manager.

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