Ready 2 Recycle Pouches

pouch The next products we are highlighting from our Ready 2 Recycle range are the new pouches. We believe they are the answer to increasing consumer demand for recyclable packaging, which also performs the way packaging should.



“Mono material packaging solutions that make recycling simpler without compromising on quality”


What are they made out of?

The pouches are available in both polyethylene (PE/PE) and polypropylene (CPP/OPP) mono material structures. This makes them a more sustainable and attractive choice with the same properties, strength and durability as existing non-recyclable options.


Our Pouches are more than just recyclable

Like our BOPP bags, these pouches take existing packaging technology to the next level, and not just because they’re recyclable. A while ago, the general consensus in our industry was that PE/PE was too ‘stretchy’ to print on at any speed. However, our new PE/PE pouches allow for top-quality gravure printing and can handle the heat during conversion.

We understand the importance of shelf appeal, especially when it comes to more premium products. The laminated top layer means that we have the ability to gravure print up to 9 colours, and provide that quality finish that many recyclable materials can’t. No longer do you have to make the choice between recyclable and attractive packaging.

And that’s not all

Our PE/PE bags are also available in quad seal formats. This is due to the same improved rigidity of material that enables perfect printing. The quad seal format streamlines the package-filling process, as the bag maintains a more uniform shape. Meaning better palletisation, logistics, and ultimately shelf-visibility and aesthetics.


Ahead of the curve

Currently, the necessary waste management facilities are not in operation in the UK, but pouch and plastic recycling technology does exist. Forever at the forefront of innovation, we realise that first there has to be demand for the recycling service to get relevant authorities to invest. That’s something we’re working on but it’s important to realise we are all responsible and there’s power in numbers.

In the USA, our new PE/PE bags would be eligible for the innovative How2Recycle seal of approval, a standardised labelling system that clearly communicates specific recycling instructions to the public. An equivalent scheme does not yet exist in the UK, but we are moving in the right direction.


Heading in the right direction

The On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) scheme has recently launched a new App called We-Recycle, which can scan product labels and tell users how to recycle their packaging. Some of the biggest food retail brands including McDonald’s and Nestlé have already backed the App.

A recent survey conducted by Cardiff University concluded that almost 90% of people believe there is a strong/very strong need to shift to a society that uses resources more efficiently. Plastic packaging is at the top of the sustainability agenda and it’s something we cannot ignore. Our PE/PE bags are ready to be recycled at the end of use, contributing to a more circular economy.

Currently, we are able to offer recyclable PE/PE solutions in quad seal bag and pouch formats, with or without zipper closures and in glossy or matt finishes. We also have exclusivity on the ability to provide flat bottom PE/PE bags, which we will talk about in our next blog.

Get in touch today to find out how our new PE/PE bags could help your business – and why not take a look at the rest of the products in the Ready 2 Recycle range.

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