If customer behaviour has taught us anything over the past few years, brand transparency is a huge part of the buyer journey. Customers are insistent that a brand is completely honest about their products and that also includes what their packaging consists of.

Our innovative and fully recyclable range, Ready2Recycle, has been seen to cater to the demand for greater sustainability credentials when it comes to packaging, in particular for food and pet food products.

This has been especially important for brands throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers were not only increasingly concerned about the hygiene aspect of the products that they were buying, but the demand for sustainability was huge. Consumers were more conscious about the environment after witnessing the way in which nature responded to the huge fall in carbon emissions as everyone stayed home.

Being transparent to a consumer is now more important than ever, and the link between being fully honest and showcasing sustainability is an enormous advantage.

Brand transparency and sustainability

It’s incredibly easy for a customer now to find information on just about anything via the internet. This has made it harder for a brand to sit back and let a customer assume something about their product. Users of a product want answers and these days, they want them straight away. There is really no excuse! Everything they could possibly want to know is there for the taking – just a few clicks away.

Packaging is part of the product, and it’s for brands now to make sure as much thought goes into it as the main product itself.

There is enormous value to switching from mixed plastic to lightweight mono material bags and there’s no harm in letting your end-users know too!

With sustainability playing such a notable role in purchase decisions, there are clear market share implications. The message for brands is straightforward – just like the products they protect, packaging must reflect the needs and values of its audience. 

To remain competitive, this means using sustainable packaging to back up brand transparency and communicate the environmental credentials.

This is why we saw a huge rise in enquiries regarding our recyclable mono material packaging and why many brands chose to take this on.

However, not all brands understand how sustainable their packaging really is. For example, there is a misconception that paper packaging is always fully recyclable when. in fact, the bag often has a plastic liner inside to provide the necessary barrier properties required by the product content. This means that some more eco-conscious consumers might feel that they have been misled and that brands have not been entirely honest with them.

Brands and consumers should realise that most products cannot be packed in ALL paper packaging and that switching to fully or partially paper-made packaging is not the perfect answer to sustainability itself. Transitioning to single polymer packaging and being transparent about the necessity of using plastic packaging for certain product applications should be the direction that brands take going forward. Made from PE/PE or PP/PP, consumers can be assured that not only the product is completely protected but that their concerns regarding sustainability have been addressed.

Overall, brand transparency is a hugely important aspect, even bigger than it was before the pandemic and we can help you achieve this.

If your brand wants to invest in quality packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. In addition, we are providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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