We are pleased to share that as of the 25th of October 2023, Law Print has become a member of the SCG Group, operating under the SCG Packaging division. After nearly two decades of trading autonomously, this marks the commencement of a new and promising chapter.

It will be business as usual for Law Print as we maintain our current management, operations, customers and brand identity, however this deal will further support the company’s continued growth with an enhanced product offering and new market development, whilst helping drive SCGP’s expansion into the UK, Europe and also North America.

The union between our businesses presents a host of exciting synergies and benefits to our existing and new clients:

✅Enhanced Product Portfolio
We now have access to a diverse portfolio of packaging products which will add many opportunities. New avenues are now open that will lead us to exciting projects.

✅Heightened Sustainable Practices
SCGP and Law Print are hugely committed to sustainable processes and this will continue to be at the forefront of our operations in the future. This includes innovations in recyclable and recycled content packaging, but also the overall circular economy of our business.

✅ Expanded Reach
This acquisition will consolidate our position in both the UK and EU and enable us to explore further into North America extending our reach to a more diverse and extensive customer base. SCGP is a global group, with bases across Asia and Europe that can work together to strengthen collaborations and relationships.

This collaboration is set to expedite our mission to deliver pioneering, forward-thinking flexible packaging solutions. We would urge anyone with any questions not to hesitate to contact us.

Visit our website www.lawprintpack.co.uk or call us on 0161 440 7302.

Law Print & Packaging Becomes a Member of SCGP

If your brand is looking to invest in packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. Providing recommendations to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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