Ready2Recycle Celebrates 4th Anniversary! We launched R2R 4 years ago, and we’ve seen it go from strength to strength. New innovations are springing up, allowing us to keep Ready2Recycle one step ahead of the rest.

We’d like to refresh your memory on why choosing mono material structures, in particular, PE/PE should be your next choice for your packaging.

Not only does Ready2Recycle have an impressive inventory of benefits, but it has also seen an abundance of aforementioned innovations which have helped shape the entire range and given customers the sustainability, convenience features and peace of mind that they want.

The below graphic highlights the technology that has helped us to create a range that is one step ahead of the rest when it comes to recyclable packaging.

PP Woven Valve Sack
Woven PP Valve Sacks are made of the same polypropylene material, where the outer BOPP film is laminated to the inner fabric, providing strength and durability.

EVOH coating is known for its barrier resistance to gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide – ideal for packing food, pet food, drugs, cosmetics and other perishable products.

Low Sealing Aplix Zipper
This zipper allows for a bag to become fully recyclable when combined with a mono material specification.

Machine-direction orientation (MDO) film has a growing presence in food and consumer packaging. Also available for Flat Bottom and Quad Seal formats.


We expect another busy year full of recyclable and sustainable packaging projects, so why not join us? Choosing us as your packaging supplier means you have chosen a supplier who strives to keep pushing forward.

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