When choosing the actual packaging for your pet food products, it’s essential to think about these critical factors: How lightweight is it? Is it easy to open, carry and store? You might also have a few questions: How can I make my product more attractive to consumers? Which convenient features will benefit the end users?

We have the answer: speak to us about Flexible Stand-Up Pouches!

Law Print are the leading global experts in pet food packaging. We serve millions of bags to businesses such as Applaws, Canagan, Sniffers and Burns. 


With such a wide range of packaging solutions for pet foods, how do Stand-Up Pouches become the obvious choice for kibble and treats?

At Law Print, we are individualising our efforts, playing to our many strengths and expertise, and choosing materials and features that will allow our clients not only to sell products but to commit to taking the first step to contributing to a more circular economy.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to the actual packaging. Stand-Up Pouches are a popular choice because they offer a compact structure and lower weight ratio. They’re also available with features such as easy-tear and windows. 

Those that chose resealable pouches however, are doing so because they truly know what their customers desire and need. Being able to close the bag after dishing out treats or kibble to their pet is a huge plus. It keeps the product fresher for longer.

Stand up pouches have increasingly grown in popularity over the years. The variety of closure mechanisms combined with practical improvements to shelf life, waste and reusability strike the perfect balance between packaging form and function.

What sealable options are available for my pouch?

Choose from:

  • Reseal Zipper – As well as preserving a product, zippers have the added benefit of locking in aromas while also preventing unwanted leaks and spills
  • Aplix® Zipper – The hook & loop closure system has been adopted in recent projects for powdery products or snack-sized pouches that need to be close and re-open quickly and often

What makes stand-up pouches great for pet food?

Flexible packaging is an excellent tool for businesses looking to move to more sustainable sources whilst keeping the same format and options available for their customers. Available in a wide range of materials, including our Ready2Recycle mono material PE/PE structure, they are a fantastic option for those who want a little more leeway with their decision making.

We’ve all come across beautiful packaging during our shopping trips. It may have even influenced our decision to purchase the product. As a pet food business, you must utilise high-quality visuals to help stand out from the competition. When they say the first exposure consumers have to your products is the packaging it is contained in!

Stand up pouches are incredibly versatile. Regardless of whether you choose Doypack or K-Seal pouches, they sit upright on shelves making them stand out when paired with beautiful designs.

As pet food becomes increasingly specialised, with manufacturers catering to consumers’ desires to meet their pets’ individual needs, functional ingredients are becoming more of a trend than ever.

Globenewswire recently reported that the Stand-Up Pouches market is to reach USD 41.60 billion by 2028. So it’s never been a better time to move your pet food packaging over to resealable flexible pouches!

With this in mind, Law Print are continually innovating to improve packaging for our clients. Features such as handles, easy-tear options and resealable zippers are considerable pluses to the bags we supply.

If you’re looking for Quad Seal or Flat Bottom options, we have these too! Just head over to our products page for more information or get in touch for an individual chat and quote. 

If your brand is looking to invest in quality resealable pouches, we will guide you through the entire print process. Providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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