Products getting damaged during transit is mostly avoidable. Suitable packaging can minimise the risk exponentially, saving your business time and money, but more importantly, preserving your brand reputation, especially in today’s climate when customers expect exemplary service no matter what.

How can we make sure our customers get the best service, with minimal disruption? By choosing the right packaging, with the right pack strength for their product.

Why does the right packaging matter?

Packaging can be the most important way your business can interact directly with your consumer. We’ve touched upon this in a few of our recent blogs; Does Packaging Effect Value? and Sensory Packaging

Good packaging should keep your product safe during its delivery to your consumer’s doorstep, by protecting the content and also by preventing your product from moving too much or getting crushed whilst with a courier or transport service.

By choosing the right packaging, you can save time and money – ensuring that you don’t need to ship a replacement product. Traditional pet food packaging can be notorious for ripping and getting punctured, for example, during transit.

At Law Print, we actively make sure that the packaging we supply can withstand knocks and bumps, from bags that are less than 1Kg up to 20Kg. We also test the bags ourselves at our HQ to make sure they’re ready to complete the journey from factory to customer.

There are lots of different packaging materials you can use when packing your products.

We can help you to work out which is best for your product, whether the more conventional packaging or, if you were looking for a more sustainable route, PE/PE mono material might work for you.

What are the next steps to decide on the right packaging for your product and transit requirements? It’s essential to assess your product’s total weight, how you want to ship the product, and which countries they will go to, before doing anything else.

Although, we test our bags to make sure you’re getting the best material for your business, it’s sometimes unavoidable that bags could get damaged when carriers are a little less cautious than usual. 

When shipping, no matter where to, your packaging and product will pass through many hands during their journey to the customer, so it’s crucial that they can withstand how it is handled.

We always strongly recommend our customers to carry out their own palletising and transit trials, as these are totally out of our control and can be unique to their own operations or distribution channels.

Suppose you choose the wrong packaging or don’t test it with your product before investing in large amounts. In that case, you’re opening your business up to many problems in the future, not least angry and understandably frustrated customers. 

When choosing Law Print for your packaging project, you can be assured that all of our materials are specified correctly, and we will only provide a quote for what you need.

This means you can be sure that we’ve taken everything into account to provide you with the best bag for your product, and we know first-hand the maximum amount of a product that can be successfully shipped. 

We can supply test filling and trial bags to make sure you fully understand the circumstances in which a bag can fail to avoid it happening!

Especially as a business packing a product for the first time, you should be thinking about: 

  • Weight of your product. The heavier your product is, the stronger the packaging material needs to be. 
  • Size and shape of your product. If you’re using a flat bottom or quad seal bag, there should be enough header space for the product inside to travel freely without pulling on the seals, and possibly micro-perforations or valves to remove excess air or gas building up inside the bags.
  • Value of your product and its fragility. Fragile and high-value goods need extra protection and even sometimes cushioning from secondary packaging. The same goes for a product that has a different temperature requirement.

Only once you’ve fully answered these questions can you decide which packaging solution is the right choice for your business. Of course, sometimes it isn’t what you had in mind, but there’s no need to panic. We can direct you the right way!

If your brand is looking to invest in quality packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. Providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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