With the shift towards convenience and e-Commerce, especially throughout the pandemic, brands must start developing marketing strategies to create unique experiences that specify their brand from competitors in the market.

Building a robust relationship with a customer takes time, but we can make it easier for you with these simple tips.

Creating innovative customer touchpoints with packaging labels, where customers can interact with your packaging and learn more about the packaging lifecycle itself and the product can set it apart from the rest. Giving them something to get their teeth into is an excellent way of keeping them loyal and interested.

Innovation is key

With so many options available on the market, brands are constantly seeking an innovative way to deliver the unique experience of their products to their customers.

By incorporating innovative design and branding combined with additional visual merchandising elements, businesses can offer a total concept brand experience to enhance the purchasing journey for their customers. Packaging is the perfect way to achieve this. 

Convenience, sustainability and value for money are high on the list of customer priorities regarding packaging design. We see many more businesses explore new packaging features, and many more are moving over to mono material structures such as PE/PE or PP/PP. 

Unlike physical retail experiences, e-Commerce merchants have fewer touchpoints to make a lasting impression on customers. It’s important to utilise each opportunity to create a memorable branded experience that differentiates from competitors.

While this approach can be a cost-effective short-term solution, ill-fitted packaging can lead to unwanted movement, abrasion, scuffs and crushing, which will quite understandably lead to negative implications further along the customer journey.

Think about the way your product should be perceived 

If you’re a brand that cares about sustainability, then let your customers know about it! it’s easily done by including a QR code or a link to your website on the packaging, that shows how you’re reducing your carbon footprint. Customers can scan this code or insert the link into their web browser. This creates an innovative customer touchpoint that is informative and helpful. 

You can create leads this way by offering downloads to an e-Book or asking them to sign up for a newsletter. And, using unique tags on your QR code, you can pinpoint exactly where the visitors to your website came from, helping you track your product’s audience demographics.

Other touchpoints to think about also include links to specific blogs or general information that can be included within the text content of your bags. This information can help generate word of mouth interactions, which can lead to more sales. 

For example, you could include that customers can recycle your pet food packaging at a local supermarket. A customer will see this and may pass the information on to their friend or neighbour who’s mentioned in the past that they’d like to see more sustainable pet food packaging.

Make your team part of the product journey

We’ve seen many brands use their best asset to sell their products – their staff! Your employees are the best advocates for your business, so why not use them to create a more personalised experience?

For example, you could put a small biographical piece about the company’s CEO and how they started their business, their reasons for doing so and the future outlook. This creates a personal interest, an open-ended look or sneak-peek into a personal recollection of what a company looks like behind closed doors. In addition, it may open up questions from customers, so be sure to include a contact link or a QR code to a contact form on your website.

There are many different touchpoints that brands can utilise throughout their packaging. If you’d like to know more about creating a packaging design centred entirely on your customers, please get in touch.

If your brand wants to invest in quality packaging and create innovative customer touchpoints, we will guide you through the entire print process. In addition, we are providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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