Spout pouches are helpful for many things, mainly liquid. But did you know they’re helpful for a variety of other products, including beauty products, detergents, powders or even building aggregates?

By using spout pouches, new brands can become early adopters, increasing brand awareness and potential access to new markets.

Manufacturers use Spout pouches more and more as they become more popular. They’re being used for packing convenience food and drinks, for example, sauces, soups and juices.

What’s more, spout packaging is the best solution for storing food products that need to stay fresher for longer,  The materials used in specific spout pouches provide a great oxygen barrier with long shelf life. When producing food or hygiene products, which could be oxygen activated, these remain fresh until it comes to be used.

As Millennials become one of the most influential consumer spending groups, their preferences have become more important to brands. Due to its increased portability and reduced weight, flexible packaging appeals to Millennials more and more.

Spouted pouches offer great features for more unusual applications such as cocktail mixes, frozen foods or construction products like mortar or paving sand, which we recently produced for one of our customers, with their “It’s A Doddle” brand aimed at DIY consumers.

Make the switch

Brands are switching over from glass bottles and jars to small and compact spout pouches in a variety of industries. The benefits are the same for the most part. The bonus of them being lighter to carry, increased shelf life and the compactness of their presence on the shelf. Also, pouches can offer up to 80-85% reduced carbon footprint compared to glass.

With glass packaging, there will also be a substantial amount of waste from breakages throughout transportation. Flexible packaging provides a robust multi-film layer that can prevent unnecessary waste.

The ability to print onto film using Rotogravure technology can also open the door for fantastic and complex artworks and designs that make your product stand out compared to other more traditional brands in glass packaging.

Reduced packaging material also has a ripple effect on the supply chain, with less space needed to store and transport the product, improving total supply chain efficiencies. Brands may even want to pass these savings onto consumers, making their price points more competitive.

If your brand is looking to invest in quality packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. Providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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