As a company that was incorporated around the time that social media was starting to gain traction, and having witnessed the growth of digital innovations throughout the packaging industry, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about trying to navigate a digital space in which anything is possible.

Packaging has metamorphosed dramatically over the last 10 years or so and with it has come different innovations to make life easier for designers and customers alike. In this blog, we’d like to also go through a few of the options available to designers and brands such as smart packaging labels and sensory elements. 

Social Media

Social media is ever more prevalent within the packaging industry. As more and more brands seek to find the balance between traditional marketing such as email or direct, and social marketing such as the use of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, brands need to get creative with their visual repertoire. Creating digital mock-ups of a product is not a new innovation, but it’s one that is gaining popularity as e-Commerce use rises following the COVID-19 pandemic.


The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled e-Commerce growth, and research shows that many of the online shopping habits consumers adopted over lockdown/quarantine are here to stay. With changing demographics, access to fast broadband, advances in artificial intelligence and improvements in delivery infrastructure, these will undoubtedly contribute to continued rapid growth in 2021 and beyond. At this point, brands should tailor their approach to cater to the evolved consumer needs and improve retention and utilise packaging trends effectively. This packaging trend is one to watch!

Smart Packaging

Smart packaging is defined by the use of technology within a brand’s packaging that goes beyond the normal perimeters of a customers experience. For instance, businesses are continually adding QR codes to their packaging, which, when scanned by a phone’s camera, sends a customer to a specific web page. This could then be used to guide consumers to a landing page with a discount. The consumer would input their details to receive the voucher, thus creating lead generation.

Product Packaging Mock-ups

Interactive product visuals such as packaging mock-ups play an increasingly large part in the way customers are looking at a product. Having a 3D online image as a substitute for a physical item is the next best thing to shopping in real life, so taking part in this should be high on the list of priorities for brands. If you need help with creating digital innovations and packaging mock-ups, please contact us!

Sensory Elements

Sensory packaging is the practice of incorporating the five senses into your product’s packaging to create a distinctive experience that promotes brand loyalty. Incorporating sensory packaging into your portfolio sets your product apart from the thousands of others on the market. Differing how your audience interacts with your packaging creates loyalty between your company and consumers because of their remarkable experience. Something new and exciting has happened to them because of your product. If they like it, they’ll come back for more, and they’ll spread the word to their friends or through social media.


As a reaction to the reduction in-store browsing time, we can expect packaging design to become more direct and better targeted towards its customer base. Smart, minimalist designs will take the edge over elegant design aesthetics from construction to messaging and graphics. Packaging will be increasingly used to convey messages that we traditionally see in advertising – including limited editions, seasonal varieties, select calendar dates, and so on.


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