Transitioning to Recyclable Packaging

Taking those first steps towards changing your product range over to recyclable packaging can be much easier when you choose Law Print to guide you through the whole process.

But what are the real benefits of switching to recyclable packaging?

In 2019, we launched our Ready2Recycle range and since then, our unique offering of mono material solutions has often been the foundation for many of our clients looking to move over to recyclable packaging.  Before beginning to ascertain whether recyclable packaging is suitable for your business, it is important to fully understand the reasons behind the switch. 

There are a few myths about recyclable packaging that should be quashed before we go any further. 

Transitioning to more sustainable packaging takes time

A few years ago, this may have been true. However, advancements in technology are responsible for speeding up lead times and creating better packaging as a whole. Recyclable packaging takes no longer than non-recyclable packaging to produce. 

The cost of sustainable packaging can be substantial for manufacturers

Whilst there is some truth in this, for Law Print it is not entirely the case. This is due to the fact we have increased demand from many of our customers so we have the systems in place in our factories to keep the costs down so they get the most competitive prices, for a packaging solution which is still perceived as premium.

Transitioning to greater sustainability must be done with careful consideration

Whilst no packaging project can be undertaken without some prior planning, there have to be some considerations such as the logistics of changing one type of bag to another, like phasing out existing stock, but also making appropriate packing and transit trials, which Law Print always strongly recommend.

There are many other small steps packers can take to be more eco-friendly

As a business, the biggest step you can take which has a tangible degree to it would be via your packaging. Letting your customers know you’re serious about sustainability is a sure-fire way to keep your product fresh in your target audiences minds and to let them know you’re committed to listening to their needs and finding solutions.

Designs can’t be printed as vividly as you’d like

The printing quality of a recyclable bag is also just as good. If your brand is all about bright colours that pop on the shelf and you’re worried that your artwork won’t have the ‘oomph’ you’re going for – don’t worry. We can help and show examples of our existing clients packaging if you have any doubts.

Why is there a growing focus on recyclable packaging solutions?

The momentum for recyclable packaging has been gathering for a number of years. The reasons for this are in abundance. 

Businesses are realising that their consumers are becoming more committed to buying sustainability. Buying trends are leaning towards products that are not only made responsibly but packaged responsibly too.

It isn’t enough to write about your commitment in blogs or on your website; customers want to see that you’re actively doing something. The biggest way in which our clients are displaying this intent is by switching their bags to a mono material structure. Below are a couple of case studies from a few of the businesses we’ve helped to switch. 

Packaging is arguably the most important part of a product. It protects it and keeps it fresh. It contains the product, therefore, preventing spills and loss when transiting from the factory to the end-user. 

Packaging serves as a marketing tool, helping you to create a canvas for your designer to really create something special for your brand. 

What pack formats and options are available?

Recyclable Materials

  • PE/PE – bags are recyclable due to the mono material structure, where the polyethylene printed film is laminated to another layer of polyethylene, providing strength and durability for a more sustainable packaging solution
  • BOPP – bags are recyclable as they are made of the same polypropylene material, where the outer BOPP film is laminated to the woven PP fabric, providing great pack strength
  • Paper – bags give an authentic look, available with fully recyclable options for eco-conscious brands

Pack Formats

  • PE/PE – Flat Bottom Bag, Quad Seal Bag and Stand Up Pouch
  • BOPP – Heat-sealable Woven Bag
  • Paper – SOS Bag


  • Windows – Food brands especially have come to realise the benefits of windows, with it recently proven that many consumers are selecting products on the basis of being able to view the contents
  • Reseal Zipper – As well as preserving a product, zippers have the added benefit of locking in aromas while also preventing unwanted leaks and spills
  • Aplix® Zipper – The hook & loop closure system has been adopted in recent projects for powdery products or snack-sized pouches that need to be close and re-open quickly and often
  • Easy Open Cuts – Tear notches work great for many products and are especially popular in the food and pet food industries where the speed at which contents can be accessed are important for busy customers
  • Laser Scoring / Easy Tear Perforations – Scoring the packaging can create an easy opening solution for many food and beverage formats as well as household and personal care
  • Euro Slot – Euro slot or round punched hole is a popular add-on feature for many retailers, as they allow products to be hung rather than to be stacked on shelves
  • Punched Out Handle – As well as offering added convenience, handles can be perfect for extending an existing product range, providing a size variation for customers who prefer to buy in larger quantities (subject to weight due to the stretchy nature of PE film)
  • Side Gusset Handle – Side gusset handles are perfect for carrying products that are heavier, and we are able to provide bags and pouches in a variety of sizes and shapes, with PE adhesive handles for a fully recyclable solution (subject to trials)


How can Law Print help you to reduce your business’s carbon footprint?

As a responsible packaging supplier, we have always worked closely with our customers in offering them the right packaging for their products, considering:

1) Optimisation – by reducing total packaging waste, optimising storage and distribution without impairing pack performance

2) Lightweighting – by improving environmental impact through reduced material usage, production and transportation emissions

3) Recyclability – by creating packaging to ensure limited food waste and offering mono material solutions

With our Ready2Recycle range, we strive to influence change to a more circular economy, where packaging can be disposed of in a more sustainable way.

Law Print is also very focused on creating innovative designs that are made in a more efficient way and use more recycled material content, to help our customers and retailers meet the Plastic Tax 2022 target of 30% first, and a commitment to making a greater % of their packaging reusable or recyclable by 2025.


If your brand is looking to invest in quality packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. Providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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