Lockdown: A Year On

It has been a year since the first UK lockdown in March 2020, and there is no denying it – it has been a challenging year, yet a rewarding one too!

As a packaging supplier to key food industries, we are looking back on what we have achieved in the last 12 months, how we have grown both as a business and as individuals, and actually how we can take away some very significant positives for the future.

Business continuity

When the pandemic became global and the UK government announced the first lockdown, as most businesses, we had to react fast and put adequate measures in place immediately. Not only for our staff safety but also to ensure business continuity for our customers.

As a key packaging supplier to a number of food and hygiene product packers, it was essential to respond quickly to the incredible demand surge for food staple products and increased needs for cleaning and sanitising items.

Having worked with our partner manufacturers for a very long time and built a strong reliable relationship with them, the whole supply chain was ensured and none of our existing customers were let down. We stepped up to help with stock management and maintained an average lead time of 12 weeks across the board.

If you are interested in knowing what we actually got up to in more details, you can read our previous blog here: Looking Back at 2020 in 20 Key Facts

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The key lesson that we have learnt during the pandemic is that no matter what, the business has got to carry on and we have got to adapt the best we can.

One of the steepest learning curves this lockdown has been, without any doubt, having staff working remotely from home. Whilst we still have had some key members of staff remaining in the office to carry out all the necessary day-to-day activities, the rest of the team set up an office in their own home to carry on supporting the business. And for that, we are very grateful of the commitment and dedication from all of them – as a whole team, we came together, albeit virtually, and we have certainly grown stronger.

This meant that we had to explore new communication channels, internally but also externally. It is clear that we have all now become Teams and Zoom experts! Working through virtual means is never going to give you the same personable approach of actual customer meetings, but they still allow you to connect more personally and engage with your customers better.

In the same way, a lot of our customers had to adapt their business and often re-align their commercial structure to respond to the soaring online demand.

You can read more about this lockdown shopping phenomenon in our blog here: The Rise of e-Commerce.

The last year has certainly taught us that flexibility and resilience are both essential to overcome critical situations.

It is all about mindset changing and constantly thinking about Plan B!

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Service levels

Law Print has always thrived on these 3 pillars – Service, Quality & Innovation, and we are pleased to say that we have been able to provide all of them to our customers throughout.

Despite a number of challenges being thrown at us, namely Brexit and the ongoing freight crisis, we have maintained the same quality of packaging and the same service levels regardless.

Anticipating the Brexit issues by setting up new facilities in Europe before 1st January and working really closely with our freight forwarder and customers to minimise the impact of the inflated freight rates due to equipment shortage, we have constantly shown adaptability and pro-activity to support our customers’ businesses.

Of course, most businesses had to put projects on hold and product launches were delayed, however sustainability and innovation were still high on their agenda, and so were they on ours.


In January 2019, we launched our Ready2Recycle range of mono material packaging solutions.

Offering the single polymer alternatives across all standard flexible packaging formats – Pouches, Flat Bottom Bags, Quad Seal Bags & Woven BOPP Bags – is our strong unique selling point.

Since then, we have continuously worked on improvements for stronger materials, higher barrier properties and now recycled content.  The latter is currently in its last phase of trials with promising results for our customers, as the Plastic Tax is now looming on all businesses importing and distributing plastic packaging in the UK.

Read our most recent blog on our recyclable range here: Ready2Recycle is celebrating its 2nd year!

As we approach the second quarter of 2021 and brighter days literally spring on us, at Law Print we are looking up to the future full of positiveness and we are ready to tackle all those projects that have patiently been waiting on the back burner for too long.

If your brand is looking to invest in quality packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. Providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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