Personalised Packaging

Successful packaging is about staying ahead of the game and offering a unique selling point. Innovative packaging is all about making it personal, and the best way to do this is to provide personalisation. 

Are you ready to take your packaging to another level? Personalisation of packaging can enhance the experience a customer receives, making them feel unique and connected to the product. This can make your product resonate with them more than they anticipate, create an effect of surprise, a new feeling and an increased sense of loyalty.

Personalised packaging can be a handy marketing tool. Many businesses are moving towards personalisation, and in our experience, it’s easier to achieve than you may think. Below are a few of our customers that use personalisation for their packaging.

Sweet Cheeks chose to offer a personalised experience for their Pick ‘n’ Mix product. Stand up pouches have grown in popularity, especially in the confectionery industry, and can provide an excellent personalisation canvas.

Banisters also took this route; their designer produced their design to incorporate all the different food they offer (not recipe specific). They then use labels to identify what flavour is in which bag.

In a similar vein but not quite a personalisation, Honestly Good Smoothie Company use different labels to specify flavours and ingredients. 

Creating your brand’s packaging to include space for personalisation will significantly impact things like brand loyalty & social media presence.

Consumers increasingly prefer packaging that looks like the brand made it exclusively for them. Research has shown that customised packaging makes products feel more valuable to the consumer. 

As a result, more and more brands are opting to make their product packaging more personal, with some even printing the name, and sometimes image, of their customers on product packaging. Add this to the existing ability to custom design packaging, and you’ve got products that are unlike anything else and brands that are recognisable from packaging alone.

How does it work?

Personalised packaging is a way of enabling your customer to have a sense of ownership over their products; it allows brands to create packaging that’s unique to the recipient, based on their requirements. 

At Law Print, this means that we can design and produce generic packaging according to a customer’s specific needs and requests which, when combined with artwork, can provide a place for a label to sit. As we take steps towards more personalised products, customised products differ from anything else available. 

Create products with a USP

Specially designed products that are original to the customer stand out from other products available as they offer something unique and personalised to the customer, providing a more tailored user experience. 

We create your packaging based solely on your ideas and requirements. You ultimately send a completely individual product and unlike anything else on the market specifically for your customer.

The advantage of this – other than distinguishing your product from others that are available – is that it offers your brand a unique selling point, which increases marketing opportunities. Having something that helps your product stand apart from the rest to attract customers and lead to sales is vital in saturated industries. 

Imagine opening a package to see your own or your pet’s name inside or a direct message from the brand whom you just purchased from – that’s not something you see every day! 

From a practical perspective, pet food businesses can easily create packaging tailored to each pet within one order, featuring local contact information & messaging while keeping a consistent brand identity across the industry. This is exactly what some subscription pet food brands do with our generic packaging.

To achieve personalised packaging, it is as simple as it sounds. Create a generic package, purchase some good quality labels and an inkjet printer, and start from there! This is just one of the ways in which to provide a unique experience for your customers. 

If your brand is looking to invest in quality packaging, we will guide you through the entire print process. Providing recommendations along the way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and add untold value to the end product.

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