In 2019, our team was incredibly excited to introduce our Ready2Recycle range to the market.  Exactly two years later, the bags have become increasingly popular.  In this blog, we’d like to refresh your memory on why choosing mono-material structures, in particular PE/PE, should be your next choice for your packaging, and showcase just a few of our customers who made the switch with us in the last 12 months.

The reasons why the Ready2Recycle range has gained so much popularity since its launch is without question the race to sustainability from both brand owners and retailers alike.  Despite the current climate, the demand from consumers to offer alternative packaging solutions is still very much at the forefront. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many industry figures have repeatedly highlighted recycling as the lynchpin of packaging hygiene and sustainability moving forward.  Still, not enough councils and government leaders are actively pushing for it to happen.  Will the current situation change this?

The potential tension that the new virus crisis has generated between sustainability, hygiene and value is apparent.  Many end-users around the world are going to be facing abrupt pressures on lower-order Maslow needs (health and disposable income), so sustainability is at risk of becoming lower on the list of people’s priorities.  However, as the situation goes on, it is now obvious that PE/PE and indeed normal plastics are very hygienic, meaning that sustainability is able to stay as prevalent in people’s minds as before the pandemic.

Ready2Recycle caters to the demand for hygiene seen throughout the pandemic.  Plus, both R2R and non-recyclable flexible bags also address the immediate drop in consumers budgets when compared to rigid packaging.  Thus, making our whole product portfolio a great choice for any brands wanting to launch or upgrade their range across various flexible pack formats and material specifications.

And those brands can include any, from any industry; we supply brands from a variety of sectors such as pet food, confectionery, non-food and sports nutrition.

What do we have to offer? There are 5 products available for those looking to make the switch to Ready2Recycle.


So what next?

Ready2Recycle is gaining more and more traction as we go through the years.  At this milestone compared to the first, the benefits of a circular economy are now more widely understood.  If everyone involved in the life cycle of a packaging product carried on playing their role, the next few years will be very exciting and interesting indeed.

Similarly, for customers of our brands, taking the time to research their local council’s recycling strategies to enable disposing of packaging properly, we can ensure the industries we support with our purchases act responsibly. 

Currently, the process required to recycle some plastics is not as widely available at local waste management facilities as we’d hoped.  As early adopters of the recyclable mono-material technology, it is clear that the infrastructure is still not quite there yet but we are heading in the right direction.

In fact, all evidence suggests that it is just a matter of time before we see governments and local authorities take note.  The more brands that turn to recyclable PE or PP packaging solutions, the more pressure the appropriate authorities will feel.


We intend on innovating and improving these products more and more, over the foreseeable future, and passing these new findings and features to our customers, to further better their packaging.


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