Packaging Innovations & Empack 2023 took place at the Birmingham NEC on 15-16th February. It is the UK’s annual event driving business and innovation across the whole packaging industry.

Our sales team attended the trade show to meet with suppliers and new customers interested in our further improved innovative packaging solutions.

Rebranding PE “mono” films and offering PE laminated pouches is just old news!

We have been championing the use of our #Ready2Recycle range since 2019 and since then we have challenged ourselves to further develop our sustainable solutions and bring improvements to the market.

Below, we have compiled a short list of our most frequently asked questions, highlighting true innovations in the recyclable mono material packaging arena:

What are the key benefits of MDOPE?

Machine-direction orientation (MDO) film has a growing presence in food and consumer packaging. It’s fully recyclable and has improved barrier properties. It’s available for Stand-Up Pouches, Flat Bottom and Quad Seal formats. 

Do you always need to use EVOH PE?

Offering higher barrier properties against oxygen and other gases, EVOH allows for longer shelf-life products. It is fully recyclable and ideal for packing food, pet food, drugs, cosmetics and other perishable products.

Can you have PE bags with Aplix Zipper?

A special low-sealing Aplix® zipper, also known as Easylock allows for a bag to become fully recyclable when combined with a mono material specification. Perfect for those looking for a 100% recyclable bag with the same re-closing convenience.

What are Woven PP Valve Sacks suitable for?

Woven PP Valve Sacks are made of the same polypropylene material, giving the sacks strength and durability. They are an excellent alternative to paper sacks used primarily for heavy-duty applications in the building industry. 

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