In the industry, plastic packaging has long been considered the convenient option, instead of the sustainable one. That’s why we’re delighted to announce the launch of a new range of flexible plastic packaging to change that.

Undeserving of all the negative backlash, flexible plastic can actually be the most eco-friendly packaging solution when disposed of properly. Futhermore, there are many other good reasons to embrace flexible packaging as a sustainable solution. Including but not limited to, increased shelf life, decreased carbon footprint in the supply chain and recyclability.

You have to have been living under a rock not to have noticed the media spotlight shining on plastic packaging. Although the conversation is heavily nuanced, consumers are now expecting to purchase products in recyclable packaging without increased cost. Manufacturers are facing a delicate balancing act in order to keep up.

Nevertheless, we all have a role to play in ensuring recyclable products are properly recycled. As we all know, plastic doesn’t just end up in the ocean by itself. That’s why our new range of bags and pouches are 100% recyclable, however, we can’t fix the problem alone. In our series of Ready 2 Recycle blog posts, we introduce our new bags and explore what needs to be done to ensure they are recycled.

R2R: BOPP Bags

The latest generation of woven BOPP bags offered by Law Print solves two problems at once: they look good and they’re recyclable. Our laminated woven BOPP bags provide a packaging solution for companies that require recyclability without having to compromise on print quality, making sure they stand out on the supermarket shelves.

Aside from affordability concerns affecting profit margins, recyclable bags can often be less aesthetically appealing than other non-recyclable solutions. Law Print have remedied these issues with these new laminated woven BOPP bags.

We have listened to our customers and understood the challenges they face. There is currently a lot of pressure on manufacturers to provide recyclable packaging for their products, but making the switch to recyclable packaging is not always a simple decision.

Ready 2 Recycle

Around 414,000 tonnes of plastic-based flexible packaging end up on the UK market each year. The majority of plastic used in flexible packaging is notoriously difficult to recycle due to multi-layered films and complex structures. Bags then end up causing problems for waste management facilities, and a lot of plastic ends up going to landfill.

Thankfully, our Ready 2 Recycle range doesn’t have to contribute to this problem. BOPP bags can be recycled at end of use because they are made of layers of the same material (Polypropylene). The emphasis is on the word ‘can’ here. The reality is, if we wish to see the benefits of a circular economy, everyone involved in the life cycle of a packaging product must play their role. If we take the time to research our local council’s recycling strategies and dispose of our packaging properly, we can ensure the industries we support with our purchases act responsibly. Click here to check how to recycle in your area.

Currently the process required to recycle Polypropylene is not widely available at local waste management facilities. As early adopters of the recyclable BOPP technology, it is clear that the demand is not quite there yet. However, all evidence suggests that it is just a matter of time before we see governments and local authorities take note. The more brands that turn to recyclable PP packaging solutions, the more pressure the appropriate authorities will feel.

Printing and aesthetics

Recyclable bags aren’t anything new – so why are we making a big deal out of our new range? Well, the laminated outer layer of BOPP and the tightly-woven PP fabric provide a surface that allows for print quality that couldn’t be achieved before.

Using Rotogravure printing process, BOPP Recyclable bags can be printed up to 10 colours with both glossy and matte finishes, as well as having a tighter weave pattern so it is barely visible to the eye. Premium products with premium labels won’t look out of place in these bags.

This is huge for brands looking for a premium quality packaging that aligns with the current focus on recyclability.

What else?

The bags are also puncture resistant, heat sealable and come with the option of a handle.

Our latest sealing innovation uses special heat-sealable PP making the packaging extremely airtight. Additionally the folded bottom allows for the same great shelf appeal as non-recyclable plastic bags.

We’re also capable of supplying them in various sizes ranging from 2Kg all the way up to 25Kg bags.

Who will they suit?

The latest innovative laminated BOPP bags will be ideal for premium brands who may previously have been reluctant to switch to fully recyclable bags because of reservations concerning aesthetic appeal. Previous versions of the woven BOPP bags are still ideal for non-food products such as charcoal briquettes, but not for a pet food manufacturers with more premium requirements.

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