The demand for freeze-dried and raw pet food products is growing by the day. They are alternative foods for pets that lock in all the nutritional value during the freezing or drying process. 

Consumers choose frozen and freeze-dried dog meals because they may be stored for an extended time without being contaminated or spoiling. This is especially true for products that are packed in flexible packaging bags, like Pouches, Flat Bottom bags or Quad Seal bags. 

There are a number of trends emerging within this new category, specifically related to the packaging in which the food is supplied. For example, due to the nature of the food and the customers that are being targeted, a few brands are choosing compostable packaging. However, we’ve spoken in the past about whether compostable packaging is really the correct route for this type of food and you can read about this here.

In terms of flexible packaging, we’re seeing the usual trends across the different pack formats that we at Law Print supply. Resealable options and metallised films are desirable options that will add extra reassurance for pet owners, who want only the best for their furry family members.

Despite the continuing popularity and sales of conventional dry and wet pet food, these new products are definitely gaining pet owners’ attention. In the University of Guelph study of owners in those five predominantly English-speaking countries, a surprising 66% of dog owners and 53% of cat owners said they feed raw pet food, at least some of the time.

The global freeze-dried pet food market is expected to reach a market valuation of US$ 16.6 Bn in 2022, with sales growing at a CAGR of 5.3% over the forecast period. Freeze-dried pet food sales accounted for 15.1% of the overall pet food market, which was valued at US$ 104.96 Bn by 2021 end. 

This data and information come from new research and market reports highlighting the gradual shift of consumer interest and purchases to categories outside of traditional dry and wet pet food. (source)

Raw & freeze-dried dog food can be seen as a luxury item for many, and that’s the direction a lot of brands are heading including one of our long-standing customers, McAdams. They chose a Flat Bottom bag with a high-end printing finish to clearly stand out from competitors on the shelf, which is crucial for pet food brands wanting to gain traction in an over-saturated pet food market.

McAdams Raw Preserve is a raw dog food that you can feed straight from the pack, without the need for a freezer. This is possible by using a revolutionary freeze-drying process to preserve the vitamin and protein quality, intensifying the flavour. McAdams chose to feature stunning bronze metallic accents on various parts of the bags to catch the eye of customers. The bag is also made of thicker material, prompting an encouraging feeling when handling the bag. The end result is truly magnificent and reflects the product and brand in both quality and calibre.

Another trend for freeze-dried & raw food is the imagery featured on the bags. Bright images of food are stretched across the bags. With Rotogravure, the process can print up to 10 colours, and the colours of the photographic images are as vibrant as the actual fresh products!

In conclusion, Freeze-Dried and Raw Pet Food brands are carving out a name for themselves as a premium way to feed your little-legged family member. It’s also a huge business, which is growing really fast. 

As a brand, it’s important to know that although the product is premium, the packaging doesn’t have to cost the earth or be as elaborate as you may think. Are you a pet food brand looking to create a freeze-dried pet food product? We can help with your packaging. 

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